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Kooshy Kids USA

Rapid Pump Pro

Rapid Pump Pro

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The Rapid Pump Pro is only available in a bundle for our USA warehouse.  If you do not wish to purchase it in a bundle, you can order various pumps through our Australian HQ : .

Worldwide shipping is available from here and they have stock available for immediately dispatch!



The Kooshy Kids Rapid Pump Pro is a revolutionary new product. It is USB powered and inflates your Kooshion and other inflatables super fast! The pump also contains a torch so is very handy for camping. 

Weighing only 5oz, it easily fits in one hand. Place it in your handbag.

The Rapid Pump Pro has some exciting features including:

  • Super fast...inflates your Kooshy Kids Kooshion in only 15 seconds

  • Improved charge will inflate your Kooshion 150 times or light up as a torch for 72 hours

  • Light/ torch function

  • Waterproof (grade Ip55)

Product Specifications:

Weight: 5.11oz (145g)

Size: 2in x 3in (5.15cm x 7.7cm)

Lithium Battery: 3600mAh

Power: 15.5w

Maximum Inflation Pressure: 2.1kPa

Uses: Kooshy Kids Kooshion, Inflatable Sky Bunk, other inflatable plane cushions, air mattresses, inflatable pools and inflatable toys. 


  • Pump
  • Manual
  • 50cm USB/micro charging cord
  • 4 x air nozzles 
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