Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ambassador for Kooshy Kids!

Our Ambassador Program is an opportunity for you to go beyond having your photo featured on our social media, it is an opportunity to become part of our team, to represent Kooshy Kids and to help us to grow our community!

 Why Become a Kooshy Kids ambassador?

As an ambassador for Kooshy Kids you will have access to many amazing perks including:

  1. Discounts and free products : as an ambassador you will may receive unique discounts and free products plus a discount code for your followers
  2. Partial or fully sponsored stays and/or holidays : Ambassadors with a very large, engaged following may be offered free accommodation and/or flights
  3. Instagram Features We will feature you in posts/reels @Kooshykids , reaching over 40K+ 
  4. IG Stories Take Over If you would like to take over our stories you are welcome to share your travels with our followers

What Are Our Expectations For Our Ambassadors?

We will only have a small group of ambassadors to allow us to be available to them and to make sure that both parties benefit from the partnership.

  • Content Sharing Share videos and photos showcasing our product/s on your own social media accounts
  • Advocate for us on your social posts where appropriate as well as in Facebook groups, other people's posts/stories etc. 
  • Great Photography Some of the opportunities we will open up to ambassadors include media features. Great photography skills and equipment are required to be able to offer you these opportunities. 
  • Social Media Presence To be able to put you forward for some of our press trip opportunities, ambassadors will have to have a solid social media and / or blog following. 
  • Above all – Be an ambassador for Kooshy Kids and share our community with friends and family!

How Do I Become a Kooshy Kids Senior Contributor & Ambassador?

The first step is simply to become an ambassador is to send us the following:

  • Examples posts showcasing your photography skills (links to posts)
  • Example reels showing us your ability to edit videos (Links to reels or Tik Toks)
  • Your Instagram social media insight reports (the past month as well as past year) showing accounts reached, accounts engaged and total followers.
  • Your booked travel (include travel date, destination, airline, child/ren age)

Submit the above titled "Ambassador Application" directly to

In your email application please explain why you believe you’d be a good fit to represent Kooshy Kids. We will contact you with a response within 7 days.